Care in brief

Enhancing Early Years Education and Care in Palestine – the CARE project – aims to ensure sustainable delivery of Early Childhood services through Government commitment, and strengthened partnership with universities, families and relevant institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

Partners from both Palestine and the European Union have come together to work on this innovative and exciting new project. This project focusses on placing the rights of the Palestinian child as a priority issue for both Government and the Palestinian people to ensure the highest level of equality and justice in obtaining non-compulsory education.

This project will target areas where children do not have the opportunity to avail of kindergarten supports, as well areas where children are already enrolled in a kindergarten. CARE will adapt best practice from far and wide to provide advice and support for nursery and kindergarten teachers and parents and all others who interact with them at this critical period of a child’s development.

CARE is funded through the European Union Erasmus+ Programme

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