This project aims to:

Set-up a common early childhood education and care roadmap for Palestinian HEI’s (CARE Roadmap).
Build on existing best practice from across the globe – refine, share and develop expertise to address the needs of Palestinian kindergartens.
Facilitate academics, undergraduates and professionals to acquire high quality knowledge of early childhood education and care to use it for academic and social purposes including to design, pilot and evaluate the designed curricula and eLearning Courses. The renovated curricula will be enriched with blended learning environments, (CARE Course).
Strengthen local links with EU and international institutions in terms of early childhood education and care in Palestine to share information and best practices leading to ECEC proficiency.
Meet European standards in ECEC by following the Council Recommendation on high quality early childhood education and care systems taking into consideration the Palestinian context.
Provide Palestinian academics with high quality training on the knowledge and practice of emerging ECEC resources, practical methods and technological tools (Training the Trainers –ToT).
Build on capabilities of in-service teachers and service providers for children and families in Palestinian kindergartens and nurseries.
Develop policies, legal frameworks and strategies related to these target groups and make necessary reforms.
Develop a system of supervision, follow-up and monitoring by stakeholders.
Reflect project outcomes and outputs to other public and private educational institutions, local communities through an awareness campaign.

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