Face to Face at last!

“CARE” (Enhancing Early Childhood and Care in Palestine) is an exciting project funded through the Erasmus+ European Programme. It brings together Palestinian Universities, Government ministries and selected European partners to identify best practice and create a benchmark for professional development for those working  in the area of Early Childhood  in Palestine.  We are currently in the process of carrying out a needs analysis of Early Childhood and Care  in Palestine. The project partnership will meet face to face for the first time in Crete in January. The meeting  will be hosted by our partners and good friends at the University of Crete.  Here,  we will discuss our findings and plan for the next phase of the project which includes the creation of a set of guidelines for developing and upgrading curricula courses and diploma courses in Early Childhood and Care in Palestine. 

Dr. Alan Bruce of the Irish partner Universal Learning Systems (ULS) said: “The CARE  project represents a commitment to one of the most important dimensions of human learning and social development – early childhood. This phase of our lives lays the foundation for how we learn, interact and begin to understand values of cooperation and development. In a society like Palestine, facing enormous challenges on so many levels, devoting resources to early childhood education and shaping conditions for happy and secure early years development is a critical part of creating hope and excellence for children and families alike. The partnership between European experts and Palestinian colleagues is innovative and dynamic, designed to build a sustainable system for improving early childhood services and learning.”

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