Partners of Care project open the Center for the Promotion of Early Childhood Care at the headquarters of Al-Quds Open University

Within the project to promote early childhood education and care in Palestine, funded by the Erasmus Program – the European Union and led by Al-Quds Open University, the Dean of the Ummah University College, Dr. Heba Barakat, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Titi, Assistant to the President of Al-Quds Open University, inaugurated the Center for the Promotion of Early Childhood Care at the headquarters of Al-Quds Open University. The Ummah College comes as the first center to be opened within the project out of five centers, in the presence of Dr. Muhib Abu Loha, Secretary of the Higher Education Council and Dr. Iyad Abu Bakr, leader of the Al-Quds Open University team in the project, and Miss. Bayan Al-Shobaki, project coordinator and Miss. Lina Shtayyeh from the Center for Continuing Education and Community Service at the university.

Barakat welcomed the attendees and assured her keenness to develop all departments of the college, which positively reflects the interest of the student and the development of scientific skills.

Barakat also added that the Ummah University College is looking forward to building distinguished partnerships and relations with Palestinian and international universities and institutions in a number of fields that are in line with the vision and directions of the university college.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Titi spoke about the importance of developing university education skills for students, especially in the city of Jerusalem, and that this university college needs all support and assistant by their side to graduate students for practical life and the importance of Al-Quds Open University’s partnership with the Ummah University College to implement such structural projects that have a great impact on Palestinian society and the development of the early childhood sector in Palestine.

Dr. Abu Louha also stressed the readiness of the Ministry of Higher Education to provide all the necessary needs for the Ummah College, and assured the Ministry support with the efforts of the college administration in the face of all the challenges it faces in light of the fierce Israeli attack on educational institutions in the Holy City.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Heba Barakat thanked Al-Quds Open University and the European Union for their leadership and support of the “care” project at the college.



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