The Center for Continuing Education (CEC) and the Faculty of Social and Family Development and the Faculty of Educational Sciences at QOU held a workshop in Jenin branch on Wednesday, 3/5/2023, as part of the Enhancing Early Childhood Education and Care in Palestine” project, which is funded by Erasmus+ and led by Al-Quds Open University in partnership with 11 Palestinian and European partners.

The workshop was attended by Dr. Raed Nemer, a faculty member at the Faculty of Social and Family Development, and Mr.  Majdi Nazzal, coordinator at CEC, and a group of students from the Faculty of Social and Family Development.

The workshop addressed the importance of the project, its objectives, and its activities. Dr. Iyad Abu Bakr, the team leader of the project said, “This project comes to meet the needs of the Palestinian society and serve the children of Palestine, especially since the Palestinian society is considered a young society; where the percentage of children is high,  and added: “Given the suffering of our children due to difficult political and social conditions as a result of the Israeli occupation, a project was necessary to identify the escalating needs of the Palestinian child, so this project is expected to improve the reality of disciplines that focus on early childhood in Palestine, leading to a change and amendment in the legislation related to child care.

Mr. Khaled Abu Haija emphasized the significance of the faculty members’ training programs, which are related to improving faculty members’ knowledge of early childhood issues and transferring the knowledge and experience of the European Union in early childhood care.